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Tired of getting scored on stick side high? Click the button below to access two drills to help build fundamental save technique on the stick side.

See the Ball, Save the Ball

Goalie Course Work

Get a deep dive into playing goalie via video breakdowns analyzing key aspects of the goalie position, including types of shots and goalie positioning.

Drill Library

Get access to mental, in-goal, visualization and reaction drills geared to help you see the ball and make more saves. 

Coaches Corner

The Coaches Corner helps to bridge the gap between players and coaches by providing tips and practice plans to set goalies of all ages and levels up for success.

The Focus Lacrosse Platform

The goal of Focus Lacrosse is to bridge the gap between goalies and coaches. Whether it be practice, the off-season or shooting with teammates, the Focus Lacrosse platform is a full service training tool to help goalies at all levels improve their game. For coaches, the Focus Lacrosse platform helps create a simple and easy way to coach goalies like and learn what to look for in the position. 

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