The Focus Platform includes access to content for players and coaches. 

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Whether you save the ball or get scored on, how often do you see the ball from the shooter's stick to your stick? With the Focus Platform, goalies of all ages will learn to see the ball and make saving the ball easier. Here is what you will get:

  • Situational Game, Stepping and Tracking Drills

  • Visualizations

  • Shot Analysis and Breakdown

  • Courses on Improving Fundamentals

  • How-To Course Work (save low-high shots etc)

  • Learn how to make more balanced, efficient and easier saves
  • Reduce how often you get score on stick-side high
  • Pre-Game Warm Ups and much more.

Coaches and Programs:

Do your goalies get better at practice? With the Focus Platform, you can now easily learn how to coach, plan and prepare your goalies to improve their game and take your team to the next level! Here is what you get:

  • Coaching Tips

  • Customizable Practice Plans

  • How to Develop Talent

  • How to Correct Mistakes

  • Beginner/Youth Courses

  • Developing Mental Toughness and much more. 

The Focus Platform gives coaches the ability to ensure their goalies get the same level of attention as the rest of the team to help them develop and improve their game.